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Foundation Skills in Surgery
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Basic surgical skills are essential not only for surgical trainees but also for every healthcare professional as most of them are expected to perform simple suturing at some point or the other in their career. There are plenty of books and courses which provide guidance trainees to understand and practice these skills. However, most of them are targeted at trainees with some experience in these areas. The FSS course is designed at providing a cost effective course for very junior trainees. This book is written with a view to complement the course by enabling the reader to get grips with basics of very common general surgical skills. The book emphasises the importance of good medical recording as well as describes the basic suturing technique and minor surgical procedures. Another aspect which is crucial but often overlooked is interpersonal skills. We attempted to provide some guidance on how to use your interpersonal skills to your advantage and make your career a smooth journey in the theatre etiquette chapter. This book provides an excellent overview of audit and research as well guidance on how to build a surgical curriculum vitae (CV). We hope you all enjoy reading this book and wish all the best for your career in surgery. DM, DB and PMcE

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