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The Medical Job Interview
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This book has been written specifically for busy junior doctorslooking for that 'competitive edge'. The medicalinterview is quite different from any other interview, but thisbook will help you prepare well in advance to optimize your chanceof success. In this new edition, there are more details on how bestto present your CV, different interview strategies to adopt,real-life example questions with answers good and bad, andinformation on what happens behind the scenes. This book provides all you need to know to be a winner in amedical interview. Read this book and nail that job! The Medical Job Interview * * Explains how to prepare the best curriculum vitae * Tells you what you should do to get short listed * Shows you how to find out who will be on the interview panel,and how you can anticipate their questions * Gives tips on appropriate behaviour in an interview * Advises you on negotiating salary and terms Reviews of first edition: '...I would whole heartedly recommend this book to anyonewho is applying for a hospital position ... I found it a real helpduring my preparation for applying for house jobs...' Cambridge Medicine 'An excellent guide to the process of applying and gettinghospital posts in the UK system...This book is a must for finalyear students, house officers and senior house officers who arelooking for hospital posts and would not go amiss for thosecontemplating more senior appointments.' Senior House Officer in Medicine, Newcastle upon Tyne

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