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Practical Effective Communication Techniques
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A BOOK TO BREAK BARRIERS BETWEEN ACADEMIC AND WORKPLACE SITUATIONS- During many years of experience in media and Government communication I saw many graduates struggling in communication interviews. This is irrespective of their academic levels. I saw those with diplomas, junior and senior degrees fumbling. Some even get to the level of forgetting even key information about themselves such as information in their Curriculum Vitae due to frustration. There are also those who manage to be appointed but spend almost a year still learning instead of delivering. They become laughing stocks to those who have not gone to universities and colleges who through other ways got appointed and are now experienced. "What is needed is not the University certificate but delivering at work place" Many of these people say. This is the book for Government Communicators, University and College students and lectures plus those communicating in other sectors. ALL sectors embraced in one communication handbook!

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